How Our On-page SEO Helped Skans Ecampus Improve Their Rankings

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On-page SEO

How Our On-page SEO Helped Skans Ecampus Improve Their Rankings

We recently had the pleasure of working with SKans eCampus, a leading online education provider offering courses in a wide range of subjects worldwide. They were looking for help with their on-page SEO, and we were more than happy to oblige. When they contacted us, they were not getting the results they wanted from their current SEO strategy and were hoping we could help them improve their ranking on Google. 

This case study will show you how our on-page SEO techniques helped SKans eCampus achieve a better ranking in Google, resulting in more traffic and conversions. 


The objectives of our on-page SEO strategy for SKans eCampus were:   

  1. Improve the visibility of the website on Google
  2. Increase traffic to the website
  3. Generate more leads and conversions

The Challenge: Skans Ecampus and Low Visibility on Google

SKans eCampus approached SEO TRICKER for help with their on-page SEO because they were not getting the results they wanted from their then-deployed SEO strategy. When we started working with them, their website was not ranking well for any of their target keywords on Google nor getting much organic traffic, hence missing out on potential leads and customers. 

Our Solution: Improved On-page SEO

Here’s a quick overview of what we did and how it helped SKans eCampus achieve better rankings.

SEO audit

The first step in any SEO campaign is to do an SEO audit. This allows us to see what’s working well and what needs to be improved. We also use this information to create an SEO strategy that is tailored to the specific needs of our clients. 

For SKans eCampus, we identified a number of issues that were holding back their website. These included: 

  • Poorly written content
  • Non-optimized title tags and meta descriptions  
  • Keyword stuffing and more… 

Once we identified the issues, we created a plan to fix them.

Worked on SEO-Friendly Content 

One of the issues we identified was that the content on the website was not optimized for SEO. We helped them rewrite their existing content and also wrote new SEO friendly content for their website. We ensured that all their content was keyword rich and optimized for the search engines. 

Research and Latest Trends in the Content 

We also did extensive research to find out what kind of content was performing well in their industry and based on that wrote new blog posts and articles. 

Optimize Content for Individual Posts and Pages

Besides writing SEO-friendly content, we optimized their website for individual posts and pages, ensuring each post and page had a unique title and meta description and that they were using the target keyword throughout the content. 

Add Keyword-rich Titles and Descriptions 

While optimizing their website content, we also added keyword-rich titles and descriptions to their website. This helped improve their click-through rate from the search engine results pages and also helped them rank higher for their target keywords. 

Checked Content Quality and Update It Regularly

We also checked the quality of their website content regularly and updated it as needed. This helped ensure that their website was always up-to-date and relevant for the search engines. 

Remove Duplicate Content 

One of the main problems we found with their website was a lot of duplicate content. This was blocking their website from being properly indexed by the search engines and also preventing them from ranking for their target keywords. We removed all the duplicate content from their website and replaced it with fresh, original content. 

Keyword Consistency Check 

Another issue we found was that their website was not using the target keywords consistently throughout the content. This was confusing for the search engines and was preventing them from ranking the website properly. We did a keyword consistency check and ensured that the target keywords were used consistently throughout the website. 

Proper Internal Linking and Fixing of Orphan Pages

We also did proper internal linking on their website and fixed any orphan pages. This helped the search engines to crawl easily and index their website and also helped improve their website’s structure. 

Optimize Website Images and Videos

In addition to optimizing the text on their website, we also optimized their website images and videos. We added proper alt tags and titles to all their images and videos and ensured they were keyword rich. 

Created an XML sitemap & submitted it to Google 

We also created an XML sitemap of their website and submitted it to Google. This helped the search engines to find and index all the pages on their website easily. 

Implement Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Another important part of our on-page SEO strategy was implementing Google Analytics and Google Search Console on their website. This helped us track their website traffic and see how their website was performing in the search engines. It also helped us identify any technical issues preventing their website from ranking higher. 

Results: The website Started Ranking Higher for Their Target Keywords

After implementing our on-page SEO strategy, their website started ranking higher for their target keywords and saw a significant increase in website traffic. They started getting organic traffic from search engines, and their business grew. More students started signing up for their online courses, and they were able to scale their businesses to the next level.


On-page SEO is a very important part of any SEO strategy. It is important to ensure that your website is properly optimized for search engines if you want to see results. If you are not sure how to do on-page SEO, we can help you. SEO TRICKER is a leading SEO company that specializes in on-page SEO. We can help you optimize your website for search engines and get results. Contact us today to learn more about our on-page SEO services.

We hope this case study has been helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading! 🙂


How much time does our on-page strategy take to show its magic?

It all depends on the competition of your target keywords. If you are targeting highly competitive keywords, it may take longer to see results. But if you are targeting low-competitive keywords, you may see results in a month or two.

How much time do we take to rank Skans eCampus?

We started seeing results within a month. However, it took about 3 months to really see remarkable results.

How can On page SEO help my website?

On-page SEO can help your website rank higher in the search engines for your target keywords. It can also help you get more organic traffic from search engines.

How do I check my On-page SEO?

There are many tools you can use to check your on-page SEO. Some of the most popular tools are Google Analytics and SEMrush. You can also use Yoast to check your on-page SEO.

 How often should I do on-page SEO?

You should do on-page SEO at least once a month. However, if you are making changes to your website frequently, you may need to do it more often.

What is a good SEO score?

A good SEO score is anything above 70. However, the higher the better. If you score below 70, you may need to make some changes to your website.